Quickly organize, manage and track all aspects of your contacts or customers. Intake forms, website forms, quotes management, invoicing, policy and sales tracking, Payments processing using ACH and Credit/Debit Cards, Appointment Reminders Using Sms and Emails.

Sales Pipeline

Intake Forms

Create automatically generated forms for lead generation, add them to your website, or use internally for data entry

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Send quotes and estimates to your contacts. Intake form can be used to generate a quote

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Invoices Generation

Automate Invoices when qutoes gets accepted and get paid online.

Sales Tracking

Sales Tracking

Create a policy sale or service sale record from paid Invoices or entry form


Upload or generate documents for you Contacts, Quotes, Invocies, or Sales

Tasks Management

Automate Tasks creation after each event or manually create a task to any of your employees

Follow Up

Cross Sell

Using Tags, you can generate Marketing lists for clients with certain types of sale and use it for email and sms campaigns

Scheduled Contact

Schedule Birthday reminders and other contacts using SMS and Email

Document Generation

Automate document generation after each step of your workflow, generate quotes documents, sales document and more


Sales Management

Manage your sales with Sale SMS and Email Receipts.

Invoices Management

Invoice Customer, Receive payments online with Card or ACH payments.

Promissory Notes Management

Automated collection of Sales with outstanding balances .

Donation/Payment Widgets

Integrate donation or payment widgets into your existing website.

Payment Service

ACH and Credit/Debit Card Processing.

Contact Management

Manage contacts types and lists for SMS and Email sending.

Appointments Management

Create appointments and automate reminders.

Cloud Storage

Unlimited disk space for contacts documents.

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited Contacts plans are available for Special Accounts.

Simplified Registration


Register on our Register, Activate your account

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Get your Phone Number

Select any Area code or a toll free number to use for sending SMS from our system.

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Apply for Merchant Account

We provide you with a Merchant account based on your current processing amount and type of business, and we will match any existing merchant account fees you currently have and even lower its cost.

Free 14 days trial, No Credit Card Required needed and $10 credit



Track your sold policies and get reminders before their expiration date.


Schedule appointments and automate appointment reminders.


Collect donations or monthly payments, including Payment Widget for your website.

System Features


Keep track of all events and logs happened with each one of your contacts.


Automated Appointment Reminders are sent to remind your contacts with their coming up appointments by SMS and EMail.


Send and Receive SMS Messages from any US phone number, including Toll Free SMS Messaging.


Process Credit Card Payments. Also, you can get your payment/donation widget from the system to place it on your website for payments from your website


Instead of processing checks manually, or making a trip to your bank every day, you can process all received check and checks over the phone directly from your screen.


With built in SMS and EMail to lists and types, you can market and promote your business or cause to your audiance.


Cloud Based and Hassle Free